Thursday, November 02, 2006

Learning new tricks

Ah yes, the fine art of disguise. I love these things. They are super practicle for the desert. There is not much to report after our last big event. I am back on patrols and scanning the roadsides constantly. I don't realize how stressing just doing that is until I collapse in my bunk. I am counting down the days until leave (sorry everyone, I'll tell you "after" I'm home).

I got a really nice cheap Ibanez guitar online a while back, so I am brushing up on that again. I have given up on the Iraqi language and am studying my French again. Thankfully I brought some books and computer software. It's coming along slowly but surely.

I've heard the recent Kerry statement about uneducated people in Iraq. That guy just keeps digging himself deeper and deeper I tell you.....

I wish I had a dog over here, that would be cool. One of the guys got a sheep the other day. The guy thinks he's a dog or something, it's fun to watch. I guess that will have to do until I get home for good.

Cool disguise, but I think those gorgeous baby blue eyes would give you away!
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