Friday, October 20, 2006

Down to the last Millisecond

We were on bridge sweep yesterday (going under and around the bridge to check for anything that goes boom), I was on top of the bridge in the gunner seat with Mac driving while Donivan and Lamon went under. Well, we parked on the bridge, and this car kept coming after I waved the flag. He was still a long way off, but he wasn’t even slowing down. I picked up my flare and fired…..miss-fire. I fired again and it shot towards the car. The car sped up! “Oh no!” I thought to myself, “He’s not stopping!” I pulled up my M-16 and shot three rounds. Left, Right-Right, “Pop, Pop, POP!” Last round kicked up dirt 5 feet to the front-right of his tire! He still wasn’t stopping. I had two quick thoughts, images really. The first was, “It’s a VBED coming for us!” The second was “I’ve gotta kill him!” I threw down my M-16 and racked the first round of a 300 rd belt into the chamber of my 240b. Safety off, squeezing trigger...SCREEEEEEEEEACH!!! At the very last possible second the driver locked up his brakes , leaving two streaks of smoking black rubber while sliding sideways. Thank God for both our sakes that he stopped just in time.
All this happened within the space of a few seconds. Life and death decisions are made in infinitely small amounts of time.

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