Saturday, August 19, 2006

My team members

My vehicle recently found a pressure plate connected to an IED on one of the routes, it was close, and we are all thankful that it was spotted before damage was done. Scanning the roads for these small signs of danger is continuous for everyone. Sometimes we get blown up, sometimes we miss them, and sometimes, we find them. It is an ongoing search…find them before they find us.
I was driving out on a night mission last night. We were driving on and on down the road. For a minute I was driving down Hwy 2 back home…it was wonderful. Then I snapped back to reality and franticly scanned the road for pressure plates…nothing, open road.
I got back to my rack in the wee morning hours and fell into a deep sleep. Again, I was home. My wife and son greeted me as I got off a bus. We all went home together. I rocked my boy to sleep and stayed up with my wife. Then someone pounded on my door. Once again I was snapped back to a reality I’d rather not face. A new day in Iraq
I live for those moments in time….I thought I was home.

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