Thursday, November 24, 2005

It's a BOY!!!

Hey everyone. I got an emergancy leave to come back home for the birth of our baby. It's a boy! 9 lbs 8 oz and 23 1/5 inch He's huge. We named him Landon.
It's back to the swamp tomorrow. It was a nice long leave, but not nearly long enough. Wow what a new perspective on life.
I had a "to do" list when I came up here, but I have spent my time in better ways. Taking care of my wife while she recovers, and spending lots of time with my son.
I'm sad that I will miss his first moments of life, but proud that I am helping to build a better world for him to grow up in.
To all of you from all of us, happy thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Down in the swamp

Hey everyone.
You would think that with internet available I would have more time to post. Think again. We are kept very busy of late. We just finished FOB OPS (Forward Operating Base Operations). It could have been a very good training opportunity. Unfortunately it wasn’t. I would like to say that everything is going great, but it’s not. Here is the break down. We are supposed to go through several scenarios including; mortar attack, sniper fire, insurgent attack, and citizens approaching the base. We are graded on these tasks by a training group. Unfortunately, these “trainers” are the most backward people I have ever seen. Supposedly some have been to Iraq, but I want to know where they dug up some of these desk jockeys.
Classic example. We were attacked by mortar fire (simulated). The first thing you do when taking mortar fire is eat dirt (dive to the ground) then run as fast as you can out of the area. The trainers stopped us and told us that we were wrong, that we were supposed to do 3-5 second rushes. ie run for 3-5 seconds,lay down, then get up and run again and again. This tactic is supposed to be used when taking direct small arms fire, and attempting break up the enemy’s site picture, giving him a harder target to hit. Someone neglected to tell our trainers that morters don't have eyes.
Hopefully the weeks to come will see me having better report updates for you all back home.
Hey, I discovered a new word down here, I couldn’t quite figure out what it was at first. All these people down here keep talking about a “ya’ll”…, I wasn’t quite sure what a “Ya’ll” is, because I couldn’t reference it anywhere under my proper English handbook. I have come to the conclusion that it is some sort of migratory, herd dwelling animal. Possibly a cross between a Yak and a Water buffalo (my interpretation). That or a group of Southerners moving together in the same general direction, they are a group with low intelligence. (Brian Johnson’s interpretation)
On to the nicer side of things; April is scheduled to be induced into labor on Monday morning. Since it is an inducement, I will get to be there for the birth! I’ll get a 5 day emergency stay back home before coming back here.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

I'm still here

Well, some technical difficulties have hindered me thus far, but here I am anyway. We now have internet in our bay, purchased by us. It is really slow, and we can only have a few guys on at a time, but hey, it's internet and I won't complain.
We just started getting into some decent training now. So far the Mississippians have been doing there darn best to "learn us raaight." The training we did today actually made sense, as it was company driven. We familiarized ourselves on the .50 cal machine gun. Tried out some new communication systems, and uploaded TOW missles and 20 mm ammo on the Bradley's. All good training to be sure. Some more of that tomorrow.
The mysterious "they" also reffered to as "them" have decided to throw massive ammounts of road marching into our training for some odd reason. My feet are falling apart, so I will need several of these to toughen them back up.
That's all for tonight folks, I'm up way past my "bedtime" and need some sleep before our zero dark stupid wake-up (5am).

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